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Dirk Gillé

Vice President, J&J, Head Capacity Development J&J Global Public Health R&D

Dirk Gillé has a background of 35 years in drug development with strong expertise in clinical operations, and quality management. Before taking up his current role in 2017 as Head Capacity Development – Global Public Health R&D, he has taken senior positions in Janssen and Tibotec as Head Clinical Operations Central and Eastern Europe, Global Head Clinical Operations and Quality Management at Tibotec, Global Head Quality Management & Training at GCO and Global Head Quality Assurance BRQC.

During his career he applied strong data driven risk-based approaches that resulted in significant increase in efficiencies and compliance for the applicable organizations. In his current function, Dirk is responsible to mitigate the increased risk and challenges linked to the execution of clinical trials and other clinical data generation activities in low- and middle-income countries. He drives different projects that will result in the execution of cost-effective and compliant clinical trials in resource limited settings. These initiatives include both Janssen-internal and consortium projects such as CTCAN, involving other pharma companies through the cross-pharma capacity development initiatives that aim to bring more clinical trials to Africa and ensure earlier access to medical innovations for African patients.

His team also drives the Ebola vaccine projects and supports the Dengue, TB and Leprosy development programs.

Dirk Gillé
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